Hi again, my name is Jeroen Bruijnincx and I´m a graphic designer. I have a background in Industrial Design and the main thing I took from that is the way of looking at an object.  Immediately wondering how it was made and how it functions. The same goes for design. The way it effects and influences the audience is fascinating to me. The psychological changes it may or may not bring drive me. In a way I want to not directly better the world but better the individual, one by one. Not just the way they think but also in standard of living and enjoyment. I aim to improve.

After graduating from AKV|St.Joost Den Bosch, I have spend my time on freelance work and on a project, with a friend, informing and educating children on vegetables. We ended up making a pop-up book. Now that the book is ready to be printed and sold, the major work on it is done.

I am ready to take on the world.  But first, I’d love some people around me to take the world on with me. Therefore I’m looking for a job.

Any questions?
06 17620589