The assignment for this project was to rebrand an already existing product. I am quite interested in asian culture and seeing that chopsticks were almost exclusively used in asian restaurants, it was an easy decision. I wanted to make chopsticks a little more tough and also make it a giftable item. A thoughtfully designed present partially made by the giver.

These are the final options of a long streak of logo sketches.

Logo Proces Print (Medium)

After the logo three poster were designed for busstops and stations.Schetsen poster (Medium)Poster Vuist

Beginning to think about packaging I created a customizable stroke inspired by the nihon font.Mijn Nihon

These are the prototype and finished product of the packaging.verpakking (Medium)

This casemovie was made to show the product, packaging and customization options on the website.
The buyer can select the material, color, design, color of the stroke inside and the text on it.Website 3 Shop (Medium)