This is one of two graduation projects. After I was given a theme, wild life extiction, I was pretty much free to do whatever.
This would become my theoretical project, designs made side by side with my essay.

We all know the ads with sad animals or vicious poachers. I wanted to focus on the buyer. My study led to questions like why people are even still buying ivory or other illegal animal products. Working together with a conceptstore the “package” I designed was on their shelves. While not containing anything, it sparked up conversations I used in my essay about the current status of such products.

verslag (Medium)

Using the 3D red and blue glasses on the side the buyer can read two, literal, sides of the story. The gruesome side of poaching and the applied side of the consumer by closing one eye or the other.hoorn verpakking (Medium)

Here the glasses are simulated by the colored sheets during the exposition.verpakking in kleur (Medium)

To draw people in to the store I used another optical illusion, one of perspective.IMG_3526 (Medium)IMG_3527 (Medium)muurschildering schuin (Medium)muurschildering recht (Medium)