Whisky cocktail saus

Maybe the quickest of projects, the whisky cocktail sauce rebranding. The point of this short workshop was to grab the attention as a unknow designer and gain some notoriety. I thought of highly visited places to make something people would definitely see and I like to make. Since I like packaging and label design the grocery store was my place.

This sauce caught my eye due to its unusual label shape.origineel (Medium)

I traced the shape, photographed the barcode and based my design slightly on the original but wanted to make it feel entirely different.proces (Medium)eigen versie (Medium)

But this was not the end of it. I went back to the store, loads of stickers prepared, and stuck them on as many bottles as I could until I got caught, for filming. They didn’t notice the stickers and I left, buying one of my own just to check if the barcode was working, and it did.