Souvenir Oostende

During a field trip to Oostende we were to gather a sense of the city and it’s more remarkable things. After that we got the assignment to make a souvenir for Oostende in three days. The plan I had was challenging due to the amount of time but I had this idea and I just had to make it.

I determined three places of importance to the city; Mu. Zee, James Ensorhuis and Vrijstraat O. Three places a tourist must definitely visit.

Locaties (Medium)

I looked them up and luckily they were pretty close to each other.Google kaart (Medium)

This kind of cryptic map was made to let the tourist visit all places with a purpose. The keys found at those places would open an incased local beer.Kaart x2 (Medium)

The map is on the back of the case with instructions and on the front is the coat of arms of Oostende, also with three keys.

verpakking (Medium)

And with all places visited, Keyte beer, local to Oostende, can be enjoyed.verpakking2 (Medium)