This is one of two graduation projects. There was little to no guidance as to what the project should be about, the time to show what you can do.

Since I am fascinated by packaging design I decided that I should focus on that. The starting point was storytelling packaging. It was quickly decided that wine was a great carrier for stories. Drinking wine often creates a moment of relaxation or chatter with friends. The perfect opportunity to read and talk about a story. Every bottle contains a historic story involving the kind of wine inside of the bottle. And all are fitted with off standard packaging features revealing more of the story, when you find them.

flessen (Medium)
“Eagles Nest” The story of French troops reclaiming stolen wine from the Eagles Nest.fles eagles nest (Medium)

“Jefferson” The story of the authenticity of four bottels of wine that may or may not have belonged to Thomas Jefferson.fles jefferson (Medium)

“NASA” The story of NASA trying to make the life of an astronaut more comfortable with a drink.fles nasa (Medium)

“Truman” The story of Harry Truman during WO I, bringing wine to the US while the prohibition was going on.fles truman (Medium)

“Buckingham” The story of a man infiltrating into Buckingham Palace to drink some wine and have a chat with the Queen.fles buck palace (Medium)

These are the posters to advertise the wine.posters (Medium)

This booklet will be used in liquor stores to give a little more information about the wine.booklet (Medium)

And lastly I made this ad combining all stories in one short animation.