This one started plain and simple, design a festival you made up. I love music festivals so that choice was easily made. And I also love technology, so a tinkering techonogical music festival was born. Tinkering is to make experimental efforts to repair or improve an existing product.

I started off creating the vibe of the festival, a vibe or place of which I could base the design and look.

Moodboards (Medium)

Moodboards2 (Medium)

Moodboards3 (Medium)

The next thing on my mind was a logo. It had to have something to do with music, referably mixing old and new technology.2de schetsen (Medium)3de schetsen (Medium)

Eventually I ended up with the shape of an lp in pieces. Every slice representing a different part of music; genre, style, instruments etc.logos (Medium)

The logo was key to the entire identity. These are the wrist bracelets.Bandjes (Medium)

The website also featured the logo, each slice being a page of the website.

The video poster too, each slice being a piece of information, artists, times, dates, etc.

To bring the identity to the physical festival the logo is used as stage design at the two locations of the festival.
Inisde at Bimhuis and outside the Eye, both in Amsterdam.Bimhuis stage (Medium)stage (Medium)Mockup (Medium)