Utrechts Landschap

The Utrecht Landscape Foundation is a Provincial Landscape Foundation founded in 1927 that is committed to strengthening and preserving nature in the Dutch province of Utrecht. The foundation manages approximately 4900 hectares. This not only applies to forests, but also to cultural history and other natural areas. I have an ongoing relationship with the Heidestein estate in particular and have worked on many different design related projects for them. I would like to highlight two of those here.

At Heidestein, they were developing a new educational walking route for kids. Every three months the theme changes and so do the questions. Every theme has 12 signs with questions and one with the answers. These are a couple of questions and some pictures of them in use.


This other short route also has an educational purpose. The idea is to familiarize kids with the animals that live on the moors and in their forests. They needed 27 different life size cutouts of animals that almost all live within Heidestein.

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